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The Foundry on Sundays

After the Covid Lockdowns, we moved to be at a barn for a while. For us, it’s about formation, it’s about being a community that is letting God form us into the people he has made each of us to be.

So, as we gather on Sundays, we allow ourselves to be formed by encountering his presence, his words to us; re-forming our own thoughts in times of communion, worship and listening and conversation.

At The Barn : Coffee is on when you get there with time to say hi to people and then we gather all together, grab a seat on a couch or at a table, and we will have a short focussed time, where we will take the communion, maybe ¬†worship together, or listen to a TED-length talk (well, slightly longer), or be inspired through someone’s story. ¬†Text 0212872280 to get the address.

Our kids are a vital part of our lives and our gatherings and we have plenty of room for them to play. we are not doing a formal “kids church” at this time, but we want them to feel a part of what we do, and we have various activities for them to do. This is an ever evolving area of our church.

On the second Sunday of the month we have kai and everyone brings food to share.

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