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When the risen Jesus commanded his eleven seemingly unexceptional followers to make disciples of all nations – he also included a promise: “I am with you always, to the end of the age” ( Matt 28:20)

We are part of that disciple making team as well, years on of course,

and we wanna serve him in any way we can.

Sometimes being part of the team making disciples comes down to simple things

such as helping the church service run smoothly,

or welcoming people and making them a coffee,

or teaching kids,

or cleaning up when everyone else is going home.

Here is our Team

The people who make things happen, minister to people, and keep us legal and financial.

Captain of the Ship  

Cindy Brickell  – I guess you could call me the “Pastoress”, but I just love serving God through serving people and helping others to find their spot in the world. I am also super keen on seeing our community develop into something so good that you just want to be part of it.

Leadership Community 

E Team  ( E stands for environment team; the people who try and create the environment we worship and serve God together in, culture curators)  – Planning our gatherings and looking ahead, working in with the Wider Leadership Community – Cindy Brickell, Sam Spackman, Pete and Ali Bennett, Jodhi and Tekake William, Robyn and Jared Townshend

High School Youth (13yrs+) –  Abby Spackman

ROAR Youth (11yrs +)  – Bridgette and Steve Burgess

Worship – Sam Spackman

CAP Money Course – Mark Brickell.

No… not medical; we mean operations of administration. These people keep us afloat.

Trustees – Jodhi and Tekake William and Mark and Cindy Brickell

Rosters – Miandra Delport

Accounts – Robyn Townshend

Sunday Crew Team Leaders

We have a great bunch of people helping out at our gatherings every Sunday; Here are some of the people who lead things. Contact any of them if you want to join a team or find out more. You can use the contact page if you can’t find out who they are and we will pass your email onto them.

  • Worship Teams and  Sound and A/V  – Sam Spackman
  • Hospitality; Coffee Cart, welcoming and Set up – Pete Bennett
  • Kidsville – Jodhi William
  • Roar Kids – Steve Burgess, Tekake William and Ross Boyt
  • Under 5’s  – Jasmine Hohua

Being part of the CREW is a great way to feel involved and get to know people, serve others and be on the team. Let us know by talking to one of us at church or through our contact page if you want to help. We certainly are keen to find the right people for the right spaces.

If you are still looking for the roster….  CLICK the box below and check if you are on.