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My Ultra Interactive Online Portfolio.

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About us

Jesus didn’t seem to be very complicated when he walked around the lakes of the Middle East talking about how God wants to see people free, and his purpose was clear… he came with an invitation to every man, woman, and child – “come and know this good God”

His mysterious act of laying down his life for his friends (everyone) and incredibly astounding resurrection has opened up the possibility of a world of people set free to be what we were created to be; this has attracted us and captured our hearts.

Vineyard West at it glorious best would be a community of people who have found that this faith in Jesus thing really works- it brings peace, forgiveness, healing, restoration, love , produces healthy individuals who know how to live their lives well, loving God with all their heart and their neighbour as themselves.

We are pretty close to that… but we are all on a journey and together we are looking to grow into being people who are more like Jesus every day, because He is changing us.

We are passionate about all this, because we have seen what Jesus can do … on his own, and through his people.

Have a look and see some of the things we do as we journey on towards knowing Him.